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Welcome to the Georgia Reptile Society adoptions online portal! The Georgia Reptile Society has the only licensed reptile-only rescue in the state of Georgia. We have a group of amazing foster homes that keep our animals until they are adopted, or have received veterinary care in order for them to be ready to be adopted out to loving homes. Click on the animals below to learn more about them, and if you find an animal that you would like to make a part of your family, fill out an application!

Many people experience situations that lead to them having to give up their pets. While the Georgia Reptile Society would like to see every pet stay with their forever home, there are some times where there is no other choice.

The Georgia Reptile Society gives your pet the best chance at being placed with an excellent, forever home. Click Here to fill out a rehome request form.
Please note that the Georgia reptile society is a rescue , but may not be able to respond to all emergency situations. We try to respond to all requests within 24-48 hours and sometimes sooner. If you have found an animal or have an emergency, we recommend contacting your local open intake animal shelter. While some are not equipped to maintain reptiles long term, they may be able to assist at a faster pace than we can accommodate. If the open intake animal shelter is able to help quicker than us, we recommend giving the shelter the information of the Georgia reptile society so we can arrange pickup if needed.
Species: Reticulated Python
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Story: "My story is quite sad, I was living in a 20 gallon tank and released to aninal control after my previous owner abandoned me along with a cougar and a panther. I had a long journey ahead because i have multiple lung infections and a very messed up face. Luckily the GRS found me and now I am happy. I have had a few apply to adopt me but no ong pulled through but i did get a chance to wducate the public and my story and how horrible aninal abuse is. I would love to continue telling that story through education. If you would like to adopt me to use for education, put in an application! We can tell my story together!" *Pick up E Atlanta
Feeding: Frozen (then thawed) Rodents

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