Mission Statement

To educate the state of Georgia about the wonderful world of reptiles through membership, outreach, and social media.

Changing Minds

Many people do not understand the need to conserve and protect our native reptiles. These animals are essential to our environment; even venomous reptiles such as diamondback rattlesnakes and copperheads play a crucial part in our ecosystem. Unfortunately, some of these animals end up in the back yards of residential neighborhoods because of habitat destruction. While many people see them as a nuisance or a pest, these animals may not have anywhere else to turn. We would like to do our part in providing information to these folks about alternative ways to remove these animals safely and humanely from their properties and to be relocated to a safer environment.

Another reptile that has faced devastating habitat destruction in recent years is the box turtle, as well as many other water-dwelling terrapins or snapping turtles. These animals are constantly run over while crossing roads in an attempt to find food or lay their eggs. The public should be educated on what times of the year to be on alert for these animals, so that they can do their part in making sure they are safely removed from roads and out of harm's way. We must also let them know how important turtles are to our natural ecosystems. Even they play a role to keep everything in balance.

Many also do not understand the people who keep or breed reptiles; be it for a hobby or a business. People tend to stereotype those who keep reptiles as irresponsible thrill-seekers. This does not paint an accurate picture. Many reptile keepers are responsible people who have a passion for animals and enjoy keeping reptiles in order to better their lives. The Georgia Reptile Society is here to educate the public about reptile keepers and why they play an important role in the state, national, and global economies. We also want to educate new keepers about proper reptile care and maintenance. All reptile keepers - whether they are just getting into reptiles or they have been keeping reptiles for years - are encouraged to join the society to better their knowledge on reptile care, conservation, and education.

Start Small

Our children are our future. That's why the Georgia Reptile Society plans to aim many of its efforts towards educational experiences for children of all ages. We want them to know how important reptiles are to our ecosystems and how special they are. Some reptiles, just like dogs and cats, are even members of the family! If you are interested in having the Georgia Reptile Society visit your school or event, be sure to contact us.